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About Jordan Smith

Looking for a Utah Realtor who's not like the rest? Well, you've found him! As a top salesperson at Funded Today and a former medical student of Penn State School of Medicine, I'm not your typical Realtor. So why did I choose real estate?

Well, for starters, I believe that helping people find their dream home is truly an honorable endeavor. But it's not just about making a sale for me. I'm all about representing your best interests, not just my own pocketbook. I'm a knowledgeable and hardworking Realtor who knows how to negotiate like a pro, so you can trust that I won't settle for just any offer that comes along.

Buying a home or an investment property is a big deal - it's one of the most expensive purchases most people make. That's why you deserve a Realtor who's not only smart and financially savvy, but also willing to educate you so you can make the best decisions for your personal happiness and financial future.

When it comes to real estate, I know my stuff inside and out - from title issues to mortgage options, appraisal reports, home inspections, and more. I believe that excellent customer service is paramount, which is why I respond promptly and professionally and go the extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Oh, and did I mention I create custom watercolors for every buyer and seller who purchases a home with me? It's just one of the ways I like to give back to my clients. It's just one more way I'm not your typical Realtor - I'm better.

So, if you're tired of horror stories from friends about bad experiences with Realtors who didn't know the market, were unresponsive, and didn't educate them throughout the process, then look no further. I live in Riverdale with my wife and two children, and I'm ready to be your trusted Realtor in Utah. Let's make your real estate journey a success, together! Contact me now for a no-obligation consultation.

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