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About Jordan Smith

I am not your typical Realtor. I am among the 3.8% of applicants who were accepted to Penn State School of Medicine and am the top salesperson at Funded Today-ranked as the 3rd fastest growing marketing company in Utah on the Inc. 500. So why did I get into real estate?

- Because I think helping people buy their dream home is honorable.

- Because you deserve to be represented by a Realtor who has your best interests at heart; not my own pocketbook.

- Because you should have a knowledgeable and hardworking Realtor represent you who is also a cut throat negotiator, not someone who jumps at the first offer presented.

- Because buying a home or purchasing an investment property is one of the most expensive purchases most people ever make and the professional representing you should be smart and financially savvy.

- Because you deserve an agent who is going to educate you so you can make the best long term decision for both your personal happiness and financial future.

- Because the person working for you should understand all of the nuances of real estate inside and out from title issues to mortgage options, appraisal reports, home inspections and more.

- Because real estate needs more agents who understand the importance of excellent customer service, who respond promptly and professionally 24/7, who go the extra mile and can deliver results which exceed your expectations.

- Because I am passionate about giving back.

-Because my value goes beyond just helping with the paperwork of a transaction.

I was tired of hearing the horror stories from friends about being represented by an agent who didn't know the market, was afraid to negotiate, never returned their emails and phone calls promptly and didn't educate them throughout the process.

So, no, I am not the typical Realtor, I am one of the top 250 agents in Utah each of the last 3 years!

I live in Riverdale (a neighborhood in Ogden, Utah) with my wife and 2 children, Easton and Blakely.